Rory McGloin Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Consultant

Rory McGloin, Ph.D. is an award-winning communication professor. Rory has over 15 years of experience working with a wide range of audiences and clients, including engagements with over 10,000 learners to date. As a result of these experiences, Rory has curated a wealth of knowledge on how the process of communication impacts every element of our lives, our organizations, and our values. Rory is a dynamic facilitator who engages audiences with both his passion for the value of communication and his knowledge of empirically driven theories and best practices. Above all, Rory is committed to providing clients a customized solution to all of their communication challenges. 


RPM Communication Consulting, LLC. is owned by Dr. McGloin who has over 15 years of experience working with a wide range of audiences and clients.


Rory takes great pride in his ability to listen, empathize, and connect with his clients, in an effort to identify and deliver a unique solution.


​​Rory is known for his dynamic and entertaining presentation styles, providing clients a well rounded and enriching experience. Rory’s passion to serve is driven by his love for helping people, believing that effective communication holds the key to unlock all of life’s challenges.


RPM is grounded in theory and driven by the scientific process. Dr. McGloin is an active social scientist trained in quantitative methodologies, who has an array of publications (28 and counting) in many of the field's top peer reviewed journals.


Dr. McGoin (Owner and Chief Consultant) is an award winning facilitator who has worked with over 10,000 learners to date. His passion is to provide clients with an exceptional experience that leaves them inspired and prepared to engage in exceptional communication practices.

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