Introducing RPM's


Personal Coaching Services

1:1 coaching and strategic business development designed specifically for individual clients.

Starting a Bonfire

Getting Started

This no-obligation 30-minute virtual call will give you a chance to connect with Rory and see if his style is a good fit for you! Free.

Forest Road

Career Coaching

Want to impress audiences during your next presentation, interview, or team meeting? This program is designed for ANYONE looking to make an immediate improvement in their communication style and delivery.

Single Session (60 min.) $120 

3 Month $700

Navigating in Woods

Start-Up Strategy

Stuck? In need of some professional advice? Looking for some unique perspectives?  A one-time consultation will provide a valuable opportunity to generate new ideas or critique existing approaches. Single Session (90 min.) $150

(Multi-Session Discounts Available)

Stone Tower

E-Mindset Session

These sessions are dedicated to developing your entrepreneurial mindset so you can embrace the journey of building your business.

Single Session (60 min.) $90

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