The E-services program is designed to provide emerging entrepreneurs and business owners access to reliable business consulting that delivers results. Our strategy focuses on strategic alignment. We work with clients to ensure their vision and mission are aligned with their operations and path to market strategies. From initial start-up to private investment, each step in the entrepreneurial journey should be consistently aligned with the core mission and principles on which the business was founded. 


Anyone can benefit from the right coaching or guidance when it’s implemented at just the right time. For emerging entrepreneurs, this is often during the early phases of planning and strategic assessment phases. For established entrepreneurs, coaching may pay greater dividends at the growth and scaling phases. Our E-services are designed to meet you where you are in your entrepreneurial process. From inspiration to execution to continuous improvement, we will work with you to ensure your business development plans are on the right track.


Having an idea isn't the same as having a plan. A dedicated business development coach will guide you through the process of bringing your vision to market in a timely and cost effective manner. The value of a well thought out entrepreneurial plan will put you in a position to reap long term gains from initial investments. Our programming and coaching will offer solutions to a variety of entrepreneurial challenges


A great friend and fellow entrepreneur once said to me when talking about business coaching: "It's like you're coaching a version of yourself from 10 years ago..." 

Successful entrepreneurs learn valuable lessons throughout their journey, but not all entrepreneurs are equal, and not all of them are experts in coaching and development. RPM offers years of entrepreneurial experience AND combines that with their client centered training methods to offer an exceptional experience.

Attitudes & Cognitions

  • ​​Value of communication

  • Attitudes towards the development of communication skills

  • Current core value priority structure

Skills &


  • Objective knowledge of contemporary best practices
  • Prior training and developmental experience

    • Type, quantity, quality

  • Communication competence & confidence

Personality Characteristics

  • Assertiveness
  • Adaptability

  • Confidence

  • Empathy

  • Listening

  • Self-concept/self-awareness

Measuring a Value of Communication

In 2018, Dr. McGloin and his Ph.D. students set off on a journey to develop an instrument that could accurately and reliably measure an individual’s value of communication.