Introducing RPM's


Personal Coaching Services

1:1 coaching and strategic business development designed specifically for individual clients.

Starting a Bonfire

Getting Started

This no-obligation 45-minute webinar will give you a chance to connect with Rory and see if his style is a good fit for you! Free.

Forest Road

Career Coaching

Want to receive university level communication training in a small group setting for a fraction of the price? This small group setting will offer 4 virtual classes focusing on four major themes of effective communication.

Navigating in Woods

Start-Up Strategy

Stuck? In need of some professional advice? Looking for some unique perspectives?  A one-time consultation will provide a valuable opportunity to generate new ideas or critique existing approaches.


Single Session (90 min.) $150

(Multi-Session Discounts Available)

Stone Tower

E-Mindset Session

Using the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile Assessment as a guide, these sessions provide clients an opportunity to examine their personality and skills across 14 distinct dimensions.

Single Session with EMP Assessment and Debriefing (120 min.) $200

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