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Testimonials and Reviews
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David Parmelee

I was very impressed with the Storytelling workshop provided by Rory. At Wepco, we mapped out an expectation of what we were looking to get out of this day, and his material was spot on and then some. He was professional, prepared, and best of all, made it engaging and fun. The questions he asked and the activities he used really made me think about the importance of communication not only in my business but also in my personal life. Communication is so important you can't afford not to schedule a workshop with RPM Communication Consulting. I highly recommend him.

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Lauren Barrett

I first met Rory and I was immediately struck by his level of expertise and his ability to quickly diagnose symptoms and provide solutions for a range of communication challenges my colleagues and I were dealing with. As a result of my experience with him that day, I immediately followed up with him for help with growing my own personal business. Rory’s level of knowledge and ability to help formulate progressive strategies have been the key to helping me take my business to the next level.

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Natalie Mackiel, J.D.

Rory is a thoughtful and talented communications professional and I experienced immediate results following personalized training sessions with him.  Rory challenged me to focus on my values and objectives through techniques that facilitated a shift in my mindset and enabled me to develop a more meaningful approach to professional and personal communications.


Rory helped me identify several specific goals, including improved storytelling skills, and worked with me incrementally over several sessions to achieve measurable progress.  Rory jumped right in with me and helped me overcome some hesitation and nerves.  Over the course of our work together, I gained confidence, efficiency and impact in my communications and was asked to take on an expanded role with my company.

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Sydney Hebert

Since the RPM Communication Consulting workshop held by Rory McGloin, I've been thinking of communication as a value rather than a tactic. I've begun to implement this value in my everyday interactions with friends, family members, and colleagues, which has provided an environment of unwavering trust. "Yes, and..." has changed my outlook. It has enabled me to be calmer and more understanding, while effectively considering and respecting all sides of a conversation. I'd recommend RPM Communication Consulting over and over again. Rory doesn't provide basic ideas to consider, he provides lifestyle changes that help individuals and businesses move closer towards their target values.

Monica Perez

From the moment I first met Rory, I could tell he was knowledgeable and passionate about his work, and that he had a high value of communication. I then had the pleasure to participate in one of his business storytelling workshops, which only further confirmed my sense of his professionalism. Rory has a unique way of delivering his customized content, using a range of activities, group work, meaningful conversations, and short seminars. I have attended numerous workshops in my life, but this was truly a one of a kind experience. Throughout the day, Rory brought topics to life that had never been previously explored with our group. We engaged and developed a deeper understanding of our self-awareness which helped us position and present the stories we were developing. We all left the day with a greater appreciation for the power of effective communication!

Feedback from Training and Development Attendees 

Director of Learning Development,

Hartford, CT

The feedback from attendees on the workshop was awesome! There was truly something for everyone, and they all felt like you were speaking their language. They loved the real time examples you provided, and your best practice tips are all I hear about now. In addition to this, the attendees felt the feedback for their personal presentations was extremely helpful. I can’t thank you enough. 

Molding Production Manager, Hartford, CT.

The seminar was structured perfectly. One phase lead flawlessy into the next, creating a prime learning environment for engaging lessons and takeaways.

Director of IT,

Hartford, CT

I had an epiphany that I have a story to tell!! It was so great listening to you and your views on communication. It made me realize I’d love to get better at painting a picture and storytelling. Thank you for sharing your insights!

Learning Facilitator,

Hartford CT

I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop you presented. I went into the session with a negative attitude, thinking it would just be another boring training. I was very wrong. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot of skills that I began to put into use immediately.

Senior Training Consultant,

Hartford, CT

It was a fantastic session with so many valuable take-aways. Thanks for everything you did to make it so meaningful!

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