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Hayley Segar
Founder, Onewith Swimwear

As an entrepreneur, it's important to work with people who just 'get it', and Rory is without a doubt one of those people. His natural ability to connect to people is almost intuitive in nature, which makes working with him incredibly easy. Having a seasoned, fresh perspective on your company and the way it's presented is indispensable. My brand and line of work is very visual in nature, and being able to pair strong visuals and aesthetics with equally strong communication through copy or pitching is crucial. Rory has had a massive role in shaping this element of my business, and I strongly encourage anyone who wants (or needs) assistance in the communication of their brand and its messaging to work with Rory and RPM. 

Natalie Mackiel, JD.
Global Compliance Officer
Pratt & Whitney

Rory is a thoughtful and talented communications professional and I experienced immediate results following personalized training sessions with him.  Rory challenged me to focus on my values and objectives through techniques that facilitated a shift in my mindset and enabled me to develop a more meaningful approach to professional and personal communications.


Rory helped me identify several specific goals, including improved storytelling skills, and worked with me incrementally over several sessions to achieve measurable progress.  Rory jumped right in with me and helped me overcome some hesitation and nerves.  Over the course of our work together, I gained confidence, efficiency and impact in my communications and was asked to take on an expanded role with my company.

Barrett Image.jpg

Lauren Barrett
Founder, The Retired


"Working with Rory provided me the clarity and direction I was searching for as an entrepreneur. He helped me take my business from an idea to a strategy - He helped me create a launch plan (and date), pricing structure, and sales pitch. Through this process, Rory also helped me build the confidence to start!"

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