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Communication should be unique, interesting and fun,

so that's how we approach everything we do.

Make it Unique

Almost everyone wants to improve their communication skills (right?). But, why?

We believe core values hold the answer to this.


Values are things that we hold in high regard, they shape our attitudes, opinions, and behaviors. We maintain values on many things, including: family, health, finances, careers, religion etc. 




We believe communication is a value too. And therefore, should be approached in a similar fashion to other values.


In fact, research consistently supports the notion that communication is the most critical element in the success of our other commonly valued areas (health, relationships, career, family… you get the point).


Therefore, we start with an examination of one’s current value system, to determine why an investment in the value of communication might be necessary to enhance outcomes related to other core values.

Make it Interesting

Human development is too critical to leave to random chance. That’s why our what starts with theory. 

A theory provides a structural process or system of ideas to help us

predict and/or explain some phenomena. 


By utilizing theory to ground our solutions, we ensure that the developmental process is relying on a set of generalizable principles that have the ability to be tested in a reproducible fashion.

Make it Fun

Hands-on Activities

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