Individual Coaching Services



"All dreams can come true... if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney.


This discovery session will provide an opportunity for the client to highlight their current needs and future aspirations  From there, Rory will share his high performance approach to coaching entrepreneurs. Prospective clients will walk away with a fresh perspective and a vision on how future coaching sessions will deliver desired results.

Getting started sessions are always: free, fun, and no obligation. It's a chance to have a conversation with Rory and explore some new ideas. Some of our best ideas come from great conversations, so what are you waiting for?

30 Minutes. Private Virtual Session. 100% Free. Seriously  No books to buy, no membership to subscribe to, no catch. Just a conversation and a chance to expand our perspectives on the value of professional communication coaching.

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60 Minute Professional Communication Coaching.

Private virtual sessions.

Single session (60 min.) $120

3 Month Package (Best Value*) $600

Includes Direct Access to Rory, Supplemental Growth Materials, and More!

Do you want to improve your communication skills? Do you want the chance to receive personal feedback, one-on-one coaching, and advice on how to make dramatic improvements in your delivery and style?


Do you have an upcoming speech? A pitch to investors? Do you want to impress your boss or colleagues with your next presentation? Take advantage of a professional communication tune-up and impress your audience!


Individuals seeking to make significant growth in a short amount of time will find the most value in this program. Single session and multiple-session packages available starting at $120.


If you're serious about taking your professional communication skills to the next level this program will deliver results. 

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90 Minute Start-up Strategy Coaching.

Private virtual sessions.


Stuck? In need of some professional advice? Looking for some unique perspectives? Seeking some honest feedback from an unbiased source?


We’ve been there. 


Starting a business can be overwhelming at times, we totally understand! But, time is money - so here's upfront advice, don’t waste valuable time trying to confront tough decisions alone. We're here to provide immediate support. Our service is designed to be reliable, convenient, and professional. A one-time consultation will provide you access to Rory and his ability to help identify dynamic solutions to your unique challenges. If you're seeking an experienced coach to help guide and mentor, or, if you're looking for someone to provide some instant creativity to your plans, we're here whenever you need us.


Don't waste valuable time...

Schedule your 90 minute strategy session anytime.

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60 Minutes. Private Virtual Sessions. $90.

Starting, building, or growing a business can be exciting, but it can also fill us with anxieties and concerns that we didn’t expect. Having the right mindset is the most important part of your business journey. These sessions are dedicated to developing your entrepreneurial mindset so you can focus on building your business. We'll take a deep dive into your business philosophy, identify a plan for maintaining a positive mindset, and work to eliminate inhibitions that may be holding back significant growth. 

If it was easy, everyone would do it. 

Separate yourself from the pack and propel your business with a positive mindset.

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